Since 1996, Terri has worked in over 200 schools, teaching musical theatre, improv, scene study and monologue workshops to thousands of students throughout New York City, Westchester, Connecticut and Long Island.

For 10 years, Terri worked for TADA! (Theatre and Dance Alliance) in New York City, for whom she not only taught students of all backgrounds (including Special Education) at schools of all types, but conducted teacher training workshops at many of those schools, as well as staff development workshops for TADA! itself.

At TADA!, Terri also ran a Yearlong class: a 30 week advanced musical theatre class (audition required), wherein students would collectively compose an original one hour musical, then perform it on consecutive evenings under Terri's capable direction.

As an acting coach, Terri has coached numerous teenagers looking to audition for their school of choice, as well as adults looking to audition for MFA programs and/or professional roles. She has also taught professional training workshops for children and teens looking to pursue a career in theatre. Terri has also coached many adults looking to improve their public speaking abilities.

Terri has been a guest instructor at Bay Shore High School's nationally recognized writing conference The Ethnic Pen since 2004. In her workshop entitled "Improv-ing The World", Terri helps middle school and high school students use rhetorical and theatrical techniques to gain a deeper understanding of how to navigate differences between people and to break barriers and build bridges. Most recently, she has taught leadership/public speaking workshops at NY Cares.

What People have said:

I’m so happy that we are still in contact after all of these years. I’m not sure if you’ll ever know what a positive influence you’ve had on my life. You were one of the first adults that I knew that I could look up to. Not only were you a fantastically talented actress, but your kindness and compassion for others was truly infectious. Sometimes as actors we wonder why we put ourselves through the torment of the craft but with you I remembered why I did it…because you made it fun. I remember the night before my big NYU Tisch audition you came to my hotel room and we rehearsed, but you had me do creative visualization—which I still use today! You just gave me so many tools that I’ve carried with me throughout the years and most of all, you gave me confidence. Thank you so much for being a part of my life.

Love, Abby (private acting student)

I miss you so much! I loved all of the time we spent together at Tada!. The yearlongs were a great part of my life, and I'm glad you helped share the joy of theater and performing with me.

Much love,
Shana (TADA student from 1998-2002)

Terri, there is a special place in my heart for you. You took my little girl under your wing and encouraged her love of musical theater. She loved her TADA! time with you. You had confidence in her and gave her responsibilities and respected her input. You taught Carly not only stage craft but to teach, create, and stage manage. She has taken all these skills into her adult life and is using them quite impressively. I thank you for being in our lives and for sharing your life with us.

Andrea ( mom of long time student, Carly)