What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is skilled in helping you to make radical improvements in your life. A Life Coach is not a therapist, but more than a consultant. They provide personalized expertise to help you realize your full potential. Life Coaches motivate, support, instill confidence, and help clients move forward in exciting, new directions.

How is Life Coaching Different from Therapy?

In simplistic terms, a therapist's role is to heal the wounds of the past, while a Life Coach's role is to offer practical frameworks for moving your life forward.

Terri Muuss as Life Coach:

As someone steeped in acting, motivational speaking, drama therapy, twelve step programs, counseling and social work, Terri is a uniquely gifted Life Coach who is sensitive, open, intelligent and insightful. She has helped countless individuals realize their hidden strengths and make significant changes in their lives. Terri's prolific and varied talents have inspired hundreds to navigate new directions with grace and dignity.

How does Life Coaching work?

Coaching usually consists of hour long weekly sessions over the phone, in person, or through digital media. During these sessions, Terri will partner with you to identify what direction you want your life to be moving in, what obstacles seem to stand in the way, encourage you to take action, and help you achieve success. Success means being your best, most authentic self, living with integrity, doing work/activities that you love, and attaining and maintaining good health, financial freedom, and loving relationships. Whether you want to achieve a specific goal, find a career direction, or refresh your life as a whole, Life Coach Terri can help you get there, and fast. By asking probing questions that will help you focus in on what is most important for you right now, Terri will skillfully clear away the clutter and energy drains that keep you from being your best.

Currently, Terri sees clients at Embrace Healing Center in East Islip, NY (http://embraceyogacenter.com/counseling)


Terri is also available for small and large group motivational speaking engagements and seminars. She has spoken at numerous conferences, high schools, universities, workshops, rallies and seminars for both students and adults including the Long Island SASS show, the NY Cares Leadership Conference, and the Women's Empowerment group. Please contact her for more information.

"We were absolutely thrilled to have Terri Muuss as the keynote speaker at VIBS Family Violence and Rape Crisis Center's 2nd annual sexual assault conference! Muuss' story captivated attendees, providing unique insight, and allowing them a brief but powerful glimpse into the experience of child sex abuse survivors. Terri has such a talent for making audience members feel as if they are re-visiting the events of her past right beside her, and conference attendees raved about the increased level of empathy and understanding they had gained by hearing her speak."

Marlene Gregory, LCSW-R, Director of Rape Crisis and Community Services, VIBS Family Violence and Rape Crisis Services