Over Exposed: A Poetic Memoir - JB Stillwater Publishing, 2013

Cover art and design by Linda Pasca of Pen & Paper www.penandpaperdesign.com

Praise for Over Exposed:

Muuss brings us close to what we might describe as the secret war, the intimate war, which resides in closed rooms, in seemingly ordinary homes. Yet these poems are written with such delicacy, such concern for image, for pause, and purpose—for, in fact, beauty. Yes, these poems and prose pieces turn on the beauty of poetry, of what art can accomplish. I bid you open the book. It is a miracle. - From the Foreword of Over Exposed, Veronica Golos, author of Vocabulary of Silence and winner of the 2011 New Mexico Book Award

Terri Muuss never misses a beat--she has created poetry that straddles the terrible gulf between personal horror and the fictionalizing process that makes dealing with personal horror possible. This is poetry that demands to be read. It lives between myth and the monsters which make myth-making necessary. You will admire her fearlessness; you will admire even more the theatrical finesse with which she reveals just enough and no more, leaving it to your imagination to fill in the gap. A captivating collection that will rattle your cage and takes no prisoners. - George Wallace, Long Island Suffolk County Poet Laureate

Terri Muuss excavates trauma as an archeologist would--with care, detail and an artistry that is both precise and exquisite. These poems are for all of us--they are tender, lovely, mournful, and celebratory. They are also stark and unflinching, full of the brilliant wonder of simplicity. They wander through a museum of loss and triumph. Muuss' poems will not leave you alone once you've entered this collection. Your world, and the worlds of those you encounter thenceforth, will be the better for it. - Roger Bonair-Agard, two-time National Slam Champion and author of Tarnish and Masquerade, GULLY, and Bury My Clothes

Driven by the the feeling of "being gone, immoveable, of being lost", Muuss has gathered awkward and wistful moments as daughter, sister, lover & mother with great empathy. With a cinematic eye, she pulls the sacred story from the mundane items of her past--hair clippings, copper pennies, a t-shirt--and crafts narratives that vibrate with wisdom. Like a skillful painter, Muuss is also in touch with the negative space, the heartbreak in her life, and with humility and breathtaking detail uses language to depict the drama with understated danger and elegance. We are in the presence of a fearless poet who remembers and leads us to do the same. - Regie Cabico, Nuyorican Poet Cafe Grand Slam Champion and 2 Time National Poetry Slam Finalist

Over Exposed is a kaleidoscope of fractured self-portraits in which Muuss points the camera at herself, examining her life from every angle. The poems and prose in this stunning and revealing collection are artifacts excavated from Muuss' past. As she recreates her childhood home, lies on the therapist’s couch, exposes her secrets, and finds her voice(s), she disappears down the rabbit hole and climbs back out to make a space for herself in the world. - Deborah Hauser, author of Ennui: From the Diagnostic and Statistical Field Guide of Feminine Disorders