Terri is a talented writer whose first book, Over Exposed: A Poetic Memoir was published by JB Stillwater in 2013. As a poet, she has read her work at venues throughout New York City and Long Island, including the 14th Street Y, Blue Stockings, Molloy College, Nassau and Suffolk Community Colleges, University of Tampa, The Walt Whitman Birthplace, Makor Theatre, The Inspired Word Series, LouderARTS, the 63rd St Y, St. Clement’s Theatre, Stony Brook University and the Cornelia Street Café. Currently, Terri's poetry is featured in numerous on-line literary magazines, in many print journals and four poetry anthologies. She writes articles for her blog called Muuss-ings. (http://muussings.blogspot.com)

For two years, Terri hosted and curated a monthly poetry event in NYC, Poetry at the Pulse, securing such masters as Roger Bonair-Agard, Sarah Jones, Alix Olsen, Lynne Procope, Stephen Coleman, and Suheir Hammed. She currently hosts a very successful monthly poetry event on Long Island with her husband, poet Matt Pasca, called Second Saturdays at Cyrus.

Terri excels at adapting material for the stage, having adapted Deborah Ortiz’s Changing Violet and Danzy Senna’s Caucasia, and has served as a consultant for a wide variety of writers looking to develop their work for the stage. She is also the editor of Matt Pasca's first poetry collection, A Thousand Doors. She currently runs an on-going writing workshop called the Sunday Grind and teaches writing workshops at many colleges, universities and conferences.